Speed Leasing Company, by riders for riders

Our goal is to get you on the motorcycle of your dreams. With Speed Leasing you can have your bike and ride it too… without breaking your bank account. We offer 24, 36 and 48 month leases to help you find the payment and term that works best for you. No hassle processing means you can ride the same day you walk into one of our authorized dealers.

At Speed Leasing all we do is Motorcycle Leasing. Not car loans or leases, not mortgages, not credit cards. We specialize in helping consumers with credit challenges. Because we know bikes and their value, we will work with your authorized dealer to get you approved.

Speed Leasing will lease most new and used motorcycles that are up to ten model years old. There are no mileage limitations and as long as the make and model is available in the NADA motorcycle guide, we lease it. For most applicants there is no down payment required and our residual values are set so that you never find yourself in a negative equity situation. At the end of the lease you can either: (1) return the bike and walk away, (2) buy the bike in cash for the residual value or (3) extend your lease to payout the balance. The ultimate in flexibility.