Get a Lease

You want to experience all the joys of owning a motorcycle but you don’t have enough money saved up to buy a new bike outright and you don’t want to get locked in a long-term high-interest motorcycle loan-now what? The answer is a motorcycle lease from Speed Leasing.

Affordable Way to Start Riding

Leasing a motorcycle through Speed Leasing is THE affordable way to start riding. In most cases, qualified lessees can get on the bike of their choice with no or very little down payment. Our customers enjoy lower monthly payments with a lease than a typical motorcycle loan from a bank or credit union.

No Negative Equity

With the Speed Leasing 'Feel the Need" program you won't owe more than the bike is worth


Because it’s a lease you can upgrade at any time after the first year of leasing. We know bikes and what they are worth, so we’re always happy to take your bike back so you can upgrade. Imagine, you can swap out every year for a better one! Try that with your average bank or credit union.