Customer FAQs

Leasing gives you greater options than a traditional installment loan.

  • Less commitment: Our leases are available for as little as 24 months or as long as 60 months.
  • Open options: Want to upgrade or try a different model before the lease ends? You can trade or sell your leased bike, just like a traditional loan.
  • Freedom in financing: What if you fall in love with the bike and want to keep it? No problem. You always have the option to purchase the vehicle and become the titled owner.

As of 2022, Speed leases to residents of Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Search our national dealer network below to locate a dealer near you:

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  • Used Harley-Davidsons (2007 – current models).
  • New and used Indian Motorcycles (2014 – current models)

Once your dealer submits your application, our experienced underwriting team will provide a decision within minutes.

No.  You can lease a bike with any starting number of miles already on it, and during your lease, you can ride as many miles as you’d like.

Not all customers who apply will be required to give a down payment, but the terms of your purchase depend on: Your individual credit history, the price of the bike, the taxes in your state, the length you select for your lease, and many other factors. 


Please visit a dealer near you and select a bike for specific information.

We understand! Our financing is flexible and tailored for customers with low to no credit. Restrictions apply.

We do not include a warranty, but you may choose to purchase one through your dealer at lease signing if available.

Your first payment occurs at signing, and your next occurs thirty days from the date on your contracts. You also have the option to make your full payment once per month, or split the payment into half every fifteen days.

Please contact our Servicing Department ASAP at 844-390-0717, Option 4.

Please contact our Servicing Department ASAP at 844-390-0717, Option 4.

Please contact our Servicing Department ASAP at 844-390-0717, Option 4.

Dealer FAQs

Please visit our Become a Dealer page. You can also reach us directly at 844-221-0102 or email us at support@speedleasing.com.

There are no fees to dealer ever, on any credit tier. It’s free to sign up and process deals.

  1. Leasing gets you more approvals, sales, and repeat business than traditional installments –all without a single fee to the dealer.
  2. Almost all used Harley-Davidsons are eligible. Model years start from 2007 to current, and the bikes can have any number of miles at lease beginning. We also cover TMU bikes and Trike Conversions.
  3. We also cover all Indian Motorcycles from 2014 to current, new or used.
  4. We offer large advance rates: Up to 125% of NADA retail value for the front, and up to 20% NADA Retail for backend products.
  5. We don’t require any minimum credit score or income level. Restrictions apply, subject to credit approval.
  6. Our company was founded and is run by folks with deep experience in bike dealerships. We’re proud to offer unparalleled service by tapping into our innate understanding of the sales process and dealer relationships. Our number one goal is to help you close deals – fast.